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our promise to you

In order to protect customer interests, we do offer a Result Guarantee for our

We do GUARANTEE at the end of a 10 treatment package for any area of the body, not including the face, you will receive at least 75% reduction of hair in the treatment area.
If this result is not obtained, you, the customer, can request more treatments free of charge, within 90 days of completing the 10th treatment.  time between each free treatment will not exceed more than 90 days. at the 91st day, no more additional treatments will be provided.

To validate our Results Guarantee Policy, adherence to the following regulations is required:

  • before and after photos taken at our clinic

  • pre and post care must be followed

  • treatment settings that are most effective are used

  • treatment intervals are adhered to

  • No hormonal concerns or medications that might affect hair growth should be present or taken during the course of your treatment series

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